Sunday, July 26, 2009

Do You Have 2 Heads?

2 Heads? For sure! I mean I must if I homeschool, right?

That's certainly what many people think when you tell them you homeschool. It's interesting that the fact that we homeschool always comes up after they've raved incessantly over the local schools.

Ever noticed that everyone who sends their kids to public school resides in THE top school district in the state? Fascinating.

I try to smile as they give me this golden nugget of information then, because I would hate for them to leave with the wrong assumption ;), I politely say "we homeschool".

The funniest response I have gotten to this statement: "Oh, well, if you ever decide to not homeschool anymore Kerrville has amazing schools." This man, the pest control man at that, had already bragged on the schools 4 times!

What is so funny about this statement is that he (and most other people) believe that to homeschool is some flippant decision we up and made one day. Like it's on the same level as deciding what color underwear to wear today.

It's actually quite insulting to the intelligence of homeschoolers to assume that it's a decision made lightly.

I remember very clearly when homeschooling became a part of our lives. Einstein was driving home from the practice when he heard James Dobson talk about how detrimental the public school system is for boys. This one statement was enough to flip a switch in Einstein.

We had been discussing homeschooling but weren't sure which way was best and what God wanted for us. Hearing Dobson was just confirmation that we were heading in the right direction. From then it wasn't a question but a matter of how and what.

I was almost 100% NOT on board. I mean really, what mother doesn't dream of the day she gets some "free time"? Who doesn't wish they could read a book at 11am, take a shower at 1pm and bake cookies for the kids as they arrive home from prison daycare school?

Once I got over those insanely selfish feelings...3 years later!...things have actually been fun.

It wasn't until this year that we were "really doing school". We'd been teaching since Cha-hisser was 3 1/2 and her intelligence was praised by many. But as far as having a set plan, 2009 was the start.

We knew that Classical Christian teaching was our future plan but we weren't sure where to start with a 7yo. So we purchase Adventures in My Father's World. After a couple of months of doing that Einstein read Teaching the Trivium.

Talk about confirmation! Teaching the Trivium put into words everything Michael thought and wanted for the education of our children. It gave us resources, schedules, ideas, and support that we had been craving.

My previous post talks more about that.

I can say that 80% of the time I enjoy homeschooling Cha-hisser, Jack Jalapeno, and Grace (on a good day Sterling is napping). If you've figured out how to not be selfish 100% of the time PLEASE let me in on the secret!

My favorite part of our day is reading a good book. I say "good" because not all of the books I read would I consider good. Sure the kids love Hank the Cowdog but ...

I really do love to see the raw excitement that the children have for Greek lessons. They honestly love it and so do Michael and I. Our family is so close. We eat every meal together, read together, have Bible reading 2x/day together, take walks together, drive in the country together, learn together, live life and LOVE GOD together!

That is what homeschooling is about!

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