Friday, July 24, 2009

Where are all the homeschoolers??

Since we've moved to Kerrville (in Feb.) everyone - EVERYONE - tells us there are "tons" of homeschoolers here. But where are they???

There is virtually zero presence on the web for anything homeschool related in Kerrville. That's why I decided to start this blog. I have a busy cloth diaper blog All About Cloth Diapers, what's one more responsibility?? lol

Since this is the first post, I'll tell you a little about us: I have been married to my wonderful husband for 11 years! We have 4 beautiful children whom I will refer to as Cha-hisser, Jack Jalapeno, Grace and Ter-Ter.

We have been homeschooling since 2005ish. Cha-hisser was eager to start learning with workbooks very early. We've learned though that every child is different...WAY different. Jack Jalapeno is just beginning to learn letters and writing.

Grace is 2 and as we sit down to Greek at night she is eager to participate. Unfortunately, she thinks the english "c" is the greek "kse".

And of course little Ter-Ter is just hanging out, soaking it all in. At 4 months we think he is hands-down the smartest baby!

We began homeschooling with certain ideas about what was best. But when Einstein read "Teaching the Trivium" by Bluedorn the lightbulb went on and everything just clicked.

I will be posting a post I published a month or so ago on my family blog about our daily schedule. At first it seemed impossible but once I did it a week it is simple. Aren't all new things like that?!

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