Wednesday, September 23, 2009

5 Field Trips I'll Never Go On

There are just some places in the United States that I have ZERO...some even less than zero...desire to go see and "experience".

1) San Francisco
2) Chicago
3) New York City
4) Las Vegas...I've been but don't want to go back.
5) Miami

Now tell me, why would I want to visit any of those places when there are so many AMAZING destinations??

My top 5 places I can't wait to visit/revisit:

1) Jamestown Settlement in Virginia
2) Branson
3) Renaissance Festival (we go every year and L.O.V.E. it!)
4) Yellowstone
5) toss up between the cities of American history (sites of civil war battles, Philly, Boston, etc)

Honestly, there are only so many "field trips" that one family can feasible go on. We must discern between mediocrity and greatness. Sure all of my "no-go" cities have great food and picturesque sites (well maybe not Chicago) but who wants that when you get so much garbage with it?

One of the many benefits of homeschooling is protecting your children's young eyes from the glaring sin in the world today. It's not possible, nor advisable, to shelter your children from all evil all the time. Certainly one would agree though that explaining practical nudity (Las Vegas, Miami) and homosexuality (San Francisco) to a 3 year old is ridiculous.

A former pastor of ours said something that has always remained in the forefront of my mind:
"Sometimes you have to say no to the good things, so you can say yes to the really good."

Of course, we don't know at the time we choose to say no that right around the corner is something spectacular. God is always testing our faithfulness to his Word.

EDIT: Einstein just reminded me that I have been to Chicago...not even 3 years ago. Wow. That is really sad that I couldn't remember that. Oh well, he also reminded me that I did in fact enjoy the food and shopping.


  1. Yeah…Chicago.
    There are many reasons why this Windy City native does not wish to move back there. It is possible to visit the city, eat amazing food, and not have to shield your children’s eyes from sin. If you ever reconsider and need a tour guide, just drop a line on my blog.

  2. Chicago was added to the list for completely unfair reasons. My husband visited one January and all he could say was that Chicago was cold, windy and everything was a grey-green color.

  3. I know what you mean. For instance, it seems most people think that you just HAVE to go to Disneyworld (or various spin-offs) at least once in your life. Whereas I'd much rather go to the Grand Canyon or Niagra Falls or any of our local state parks. Man's attractions are not nearly as attractive to me as God's. In the words of Shania Twain "they don't impress me much."


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