Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nickname Explanation

Recently, God made a few things apparent to me. 1) Anyone can find out most anything about my family on the internet. 2) There are actually people who don't like families with many children, especially if the homeschool. 3) Protect for what the future may hold not necessarily the present. Clear as mud?

Basically, I have chosen to keep my children's names private on this blog, yes I know they can be easily found elsewhere. But, it's a start.

Where did the names come from though??

Cha-hisser. When she was a wee lass of a few months I was reading Miss Spider Gets a New Car. My husband came in the room as I was reading the sound of one of the cars they were test driving. "Chahiss". Our first born then became Cha-hisser.

Jack Jalapeno. I have no idea. It's a pretend name given to him by Cha-hisser, they use it everyday.

Grace. Another name bestowed by Queen Cha-hisser. Can you tell Cha-hisser is a typical first born?

Ter-Ter. Our baby doesn't really have a nickname but jokingly we sometimes call him this. So it is now his internet name...until I think of a new one.

Ling-Ling. I'm laughing just typing it. No reason other than Einstein said it and I love it when my hubby comes up with cute names.

Einstein. My husband is a genius and my lack of on-the-spot creativity landed him with the name that everyone in the world associates with high intelligence. Forgive my cliche moniker.

Autumn. That is really my name...well sort of. Many, many people choose to call me Amber. I can't quite explain that one.


  1. Internet anonymity is only one of the reasons that I call my children General Mayhem, Major Havoc, and Captain Chaos. The other is that they bring mayhem, havoc, and chaos into the otherwise peaceful lives of a husband and wife. “Major Havoc” was the name of a video game that I briefly played while I was in boot camp in the early 80’s. I sorta borrowed it. The game is looooong gone from the arcade circuit.

  2. Nicknames are fun and create wonderful memories to look back and laugh about. You don't want to share you real nickname?
    I'm sure my children have tagged me with many...I wonder if they would ever share that with me?


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