Tuesday, September 15, 2009

They really get it!

Jack Jalapeno is playing soccer this season. On Saturday his coach asked him the name of his school (He never talks to "others" until he sees fit to do so). Jack Jalepeno's response was heard clearly across the field by his very alert aka nosey sister Cha-hisser, "I'm homeschooled."

Cha-hisser quickly announced it to us and everyone else in the stands and we sat very proud. This is the first time Jack Jalapeno has actually said he's homeschooled (he's 5 so technically this is the first opportunity).

Later we learned that the response by the coach was:

"Oh, so you are going to be really smart!"

So see, non-homeschooling parent DO get it. We homeschool for many reasons but the outcome is almost always the same- an intelligent, logical, well socialized young adult.


  1. That Jack...he's a smart cookie! His uncle pookie always said he was just sitting back and watching everyone else and that when he did speak, everyone would listen!


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