Sunday, August 16, 2009

Are you smart enough?

You are not required to have a degree to homeschool your children.

Having said that Einstein and I have quite a bit of advanced education. Einstein is a doctor and possibly the smartest person I will ever meet (say any ancient civilization or geographic region and he will give you an in-depth explanation in 10 minutes that will surpass all your years of schooling!). I have a lot of 1/2 advanced degrees :P plus that little bachelor's.

Now, you'd think with all of that we'd know the answer to just about every question our children would ask us. Nope.

"Is a whale a mammal?" Einstein really could not fathom that a whale nurses. I assured him that I had seen videos of this occuring.

"When did dinosaurs live?" I still don't know but Answers In Genesis is teaching me :)

"Who won the Civil War?" *sigh* I'm sorry. I blame my ignorance on the public school system.

"Do dirt daubers sting?" I don't think so but that's just what my mommy told me.

"What is the definition of truth?" Ah, my sweet Cha-hisser. So deep. But, really try to articulate this simple, yet profound word.

"Who wrote (insert any book of the Bible)?" 3 months ago I couldn't have answered 90% of the books. But, after much study I can quickly answer!

There are so many more that I can't recall. The point is no amount of public education is going to give you the answers to your children's questions. Homeschooling isn't just for the children.

I've learned SO much by homeschooling. I'm learning Greek for crying out loud! I can recite Psalm 23!

Recently I listened to a Vodie Bauchum (the one called Answering Objections..) audio and loved what he said about teaching your children the catechism:

...when a father gasped at the vast weight of teaching ALL of these to our children Vodie said he whispered the secret to this father..."you just have to stay one day ahead." (I butchered the quotation but you get the point!)

Basically, learn it the night before and the next day you look like genius to your children. We don't have to know it all.

Can't wait to learn something new tomorrow!

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  1. Hi, Autumn. I'm a homeschooling mom in Kerrville. I just read your egroup intro.

    This post is so true! Thanks for sharing.


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