Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yummy baked goodies

I loooooove to bake. Not just the occasional batch of cookies. I'm talking every day- cookies, cakes, brownies, anything!

I say every day but that is really my wishful thinking. My husband has limited me (meanie). He would be happy, as would his waistline, if I baked only once a week. I can usually squeeze in a good 3 desserts.

When one loves to bake and one has a limit on the number of times this hobby can be practiced, one has to be more creative than baking the nightly dessert . So, this morning I made homemade pancakes with homemade chocolate syrup. So lovely.

None of that Bisquick bunk. Bah! Would I dare lower myself to buy Hershey's chocolate syrup. Nay!

Only real sugar in this house lol.

Being a lover of all things baked I tend to be a bit selfish. Not just in eating the goodies but sharing my kitchen to create them. I've had to pray that I will be more open to allowing my children to bake with me.

Like many moms, that thought "I can get it done quicker if I just do it myself" always infiltrates my mind. But this morning when Cha-hisser said she wanted to make the pancakes because she "loves to cook", I was happy to indulge her desire.

They turned out fabulous if you don't count the fact that I couldn't remember the exact oil measurement so they were a tad dry. But who the heck cares when you have homemade chocolate syrup!

Along with the chocolate syrup I pulled out the honey (what we usually use). When Einstein asked everyone what they wanted I laughed at the thought of anyone refusing chocolate!

The chocolate syrup recipe I used was from Hillbilly Housewife. The pancake recipe is one my mom taught me and if I shared it with you I'd have to ... well maybe if you beg I'll share. After all, every kid deserves real pancakes ;)

Cooking with your children is an excellent way to incorporate learning into everyday living. Cha-hisser understands that 3tsp make a tablespoon**, 4- 1/4 cups equals a cup, and so on.

It is so much more impressionable when a child learns measurements and fractions in a fun setting as opposed to sitting at the table with felt pie pieces (just an example).

**Cha-hisser did not learn this lesson until she made homemade cornbread the other day. I told her to put in 2tsp of baking powder while I went out to do laundry. Afterwards, I asked her why the Tablespoon was out. I made her figure out how many teaspoons she actually put in. The cornbread was still plenty good!

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  1. 2 tbls of oil! for the most yummo pancakes in the world. And Haley is an excellent cook. She will be preparing the family meals before ya know it.
    Funny though, Autumn never baked at home...but she can make the most unique pudding! :) LOL!!!


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