Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Greek, anyone?

Since June our family has been learning how to read Greek (Biblical Greek). It has been such an amazing experience! It's something we ALL do together. Yes, even the 2 year old!

We do everything else together so why not Greek?

When we started out we simply made notecards and memorized the symbols. After we had a good knowledge of them we began with the worksheets. We use the system by Harvey Bluedorn. Besides disagreeing with Harvey on the pronunciation on many of the English words, I am very pleased with this program.

Einstein prints out the appropriate pages for him, me, Cha-hisser and Jack Jalapeno. I then change the Greek letters to a corresponding English letter for Jack Jalapeno. That way he is involved and learning English first ;) Grace "writes" her ABCs on paper while begging for her own praise.

We are only up to Lambda, but already we feel so intelligent! There is something about learning a foreign language to boost your self-confidence.

As far as schedule goes, we were doing Greek after dinner and before family worship. But, that was making the evenings so crunched. We've moved it to after breakfast (and the reading of Proverbs) and it really sets a great tone for learning with all the kids.

I am so proud of Cha-hisser. She is the most brilliant 7 year old I've ever spoken with. She keeps right up with Einstein and I and often corrects me.

Our long term goal is to read the New Testament in Greek. I can't wait!

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